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    Cloud computing and Virtualization Services

Cloud computing manifests a paradigm shift in the way ICT technologies are bought and used by corporates and organizations. Hitherto most of the organizations incurred capital expenditure to own and use the technology products. Every time newer requirements came, companies will buy these assets again. With the advent of Internet, the way people started using computers changed. Plenty of hosted applications came to be used by companies and individuals. In all these, there weren’t any need for buying the entire infrastructure (hardware, platforms, applications etc.) to do the computing. One could pay as he uses the software or application. The HOSTED model slowly started becoming a reality for users. The genesis of Cloud computing begins from here.

Cloud computing combines Infrastructure (IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service), Platform (PaaS – Platform as a service) and Software (SaaS- Software as a Service).  There could be a private cloud, a public cloud or a hybrid cloud that one can employ for his computing purposes. Depending upon what type of cloud is he using, the cost would vary.

Cloud obviates the CAPEX business model and moves clients to OPEX model. It is understood that using cloud computing, one can reduce the cost of  computing considerably as one need to pay as he uses the cloud. Cloud allows scalability as a when you need. Therefore one doesn’t invest in advance for future, as is wont now.

Cloud computing also helps organisations to increase its business agility as cloud givestechnology agility to companies which in turn can be converted to business agility.

One important element of cloud computing is the virtualization that is applied on the infrastructure to make multiple operating systems, software from incompatible sources and data to coexist  in the architecture,  enabling  faster, agile computing to happen. Cloud computing and virtualization, thus, go hand in hand.
While organizations and corporates are eagerly watching the evolution of this computing technology, it is clearly understood that it delivers cost benefit and business agility benefit to them. Though there are concerns related to security and ownership of data, it is felt that these concerns will get resolved soon. Therefore, when the technology is maturing, companies that adopt it  get the early mover advantage.

With its knowledge and technical competencies, TFL is fully prepared to help corporates and organizations to tap the benefits of cloud computing and virtualization technologies.

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