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    Microsoft Dynamics ERP / CRM

MS Dynamics ERP

Team Frontline Limited is a managed partner to Microsoft Corporationfor its Dynamics range of products in ERP namely Navision & Axapta. Over the last couple of years, the company had acquired an impressive range of customers for these enterprise solutions. Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, JRG Securities, Johns Umbrella, Priyom Masala, Reva Proteins, Bodygear International, K&M international etc. are some of the prestigious clients of TFL for Microsoft Dynamics range of ERP solutions.

ERP helps in providing integrated automation of all organizational functions such as Manufacturing, Materials & Purchase, Sales & Marketing, Distribution, Logistics & Retails, HR & Payroll, Financial Accounting and other vertical functions such as Quality, Maintenance etc.

ERP completely automates organizational processes thereby allowing the principal corporate executives to concentrate on their core competencies. Scalable modular software architecture of ERP allows the organisation to grow with its data and applications without any complexities.  ERP also provides Business intelligence to decision makers to enable them to tap newer business opportunities, market penetration and managing exponential business growth.

In additions to selling the MS ERP licenses, TFL implements, customizes and supports the clients for these solutions. Over the years, TFL had built up a strong implementation team and another group of developers for customization of the solutions.  This 30 member dedicated enterprise team is experienced and certified on MS range of ERP solutions. Today customers, particularly those in the SME sector can avail the benefit of cost effective ERP implementation along with the local support from Team Frontline Limited.

ERP implementation is an area requiring very high level of domain, functional and technical expertise. The consultants need long industry experience and vendor certifications.  TFL’s project teamhas all the required competence to deliver the unique advantages to Kerala/South India customers and they are: 1) Very Cost Effective implementation 2) Industry vertical Solutions 3) Domain Expertise & 4) Local Support.

MS Dynamics CRM

Under Microsoft Dynamics umbrella, the company offers the world famous, time tested MS CRM to discerning customers. Gartner Group & Forrester Research had identified CRM application as the fastest growing business application for corporates of this and the coming year. Market competitiveness is required for companies in order to grow in the present globalised market place and CRM helps achieve that.

CRM enables the companies to be in continuous touch with customers and enables a 360 degree customer view for tapping newer business opportunities. MS CRM is effective in Relationship Management, Sales/Support force automation and running and managing marketing campaigns.

Recently TFL has been instrumental in delivering an Enterprise wide CRM license to M/s. Geojit BNP Paribas Limited, India’s leading financial services company. This integrated CRM gives the agents and Relations ship officers of the company single window information for touchingbase with its clientele.

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