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    Security and Messaging Solutions

Proliferation of ubiquitousdata has its flip side which is data security.  Data security requirements of clients vary from uses to user.  It ranges from online real time transaction processing financial institutions to laid back academic institutions. While data security is of prime importance to customers, the depth at which data needs to be protected depends upon the applications that they use. Thus a one size fitment to all will never help.  The connectivity within and outside the enterprise plays a major role in determining the security standards that it has to adopt. A thorough study of the enterprise, its application, its data structure and usage are critical to designing the security architecture for the organization.  To add to the agony is that most of these solutions are spread between a plethora of vendors and service providers.  Getting it all together, to provide a cost optimised but durable and reliable data security proposition calls for very high level of integration expertise in the area.  Thankfully, with years of experience behind it, TFL offers such a proposition to its clients and that is one of the reasons why many a client avail TFL expertise in designing and implementing their security architecture.

From among many customer touch points in use, email and s m s messaging has come to be the most instant and effective communication method to a person, particularly when he is on the move. So many companies in financial sector and service sector need to mandatorily communicate to its customers the actions that they had taken on behalf of the customers.  While these communication channels are instant, the cost effectiveness makes corporate going for it. At the same time, there are challenges related to the carriers and the deliverability of the messages. With so much of compliances to undergo, only an experienced consultant can suggest a cost optimised messaging solution for its clientele. With solid experience in providing these solutions for leading organizations in financial and service sector, TFL is fully prepared to undertake the job for discerning customers.

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