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Companies, mostly in SME sector, particularly those family managed ones, take minimum leeway from technology to grow and increase its productivity and profitability. On one hand, there are many technologies that by themselves are business propositions and on the other hand, there are many technologies that could be applied by traditional brick & mortar companies to grow northward. Unaware of these technologies and without using the same, when organizations try to grow up thru traditional means, cracks appear in them in the form of intense competition not only from within the country but globally.  It requires for organizations to be fleet footed in serving customers to retain them to grow.  Technology plays a major role in giving the business agility to corporates. SME organization will find it expensive to accost big time consultants to learn how to grow; they also will have issues in understanding the languages that these big players speak. Thus it makes sense to identify local consulting companies with experience in helping SME organizations to grow using cost effective technologies. Team Frontline Limited with many man years of industry and domain expertise behind it is well poised to help discerning SME to use technology cost effectively to grow.

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